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What is Reiki?

In Japanese “Rei” means spirit or soul and “Ki” (like “Qi” in Chinese Medicine) means energy.

Reiki is an Eastern system of healing that involves the transfer of Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy. It is a hands-on healing method that addresses the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of a person’s being.  It is a simple transfer of energy which comes from the Universe, through a practitioner’s hands, to the recipient.

The recipient acts as a partner in the experience by drawing the energy through the trained channeler to themselves.

Reiki is –  both a spiritual discipline and a natural holistic healing modality. It employs a very light touch that allows you to feel relaxed and at peace. Once you are attuned to the Reiki energy flow, you become a “channel” for this concentrated life force energy. Once intent is established, the Reiki energy will flow freely through the attuned practitioner’s hands.

Reiki is – an intelligent energy and it knows where to go and what to do. Because of this, it is fool proof and there is no need to consciously direct the energy. (You can actually be thinking of something else while channeling the energy to someone.)

Reiki is – unlimited. It has the ability to heal on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It was originally practiced by Tibetan monks 2500 years ago as a spiritual discipline.

Reiki is – not a religion and does not require a religious belief system to work. Today Reiki is the most rapidly growing healing modality in the world.

Recipients report a full spectrum of sensations ranging from cold to hot, calming to energizing and profoundly spiritual to a soothing rest. Practitioners also report different sensations and levels of awareness from treatment to treatment. Almost everyone enjoys a deep sense of relaxation. People of all ages can benefit from Reiki – there are no contra-indications!